Going Green with Hello Scotland

This year, Earth Day 2022 urges us to #investinourplanet to build a prosperous and equitable future. We need to act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably). Smart companies are discovering that it is no longer a choice between going green and growing long-term profits — sustainability is the path to prosperity. So how can Scotland, and Hello Scotland, help you to create a more sustainable corporate event and encourage your organisation to invest in our planet with us?

Scotland is committed to reaching Net Zero – balancing the amount of greenhouse gases we emit into the atmosphere with those we take out – by 2045. We are already off to a good start with the 2022 World Population Review finding the UK to be the 4th most environmentally friendly country in the world. Additionally, recent studies named Scotland as the most green country in the UK, and both Edinburgh and Glasgow ranked in the UK’s Top 10 Greenest Cities list. But what else do we do to ensure a greener future?

Partnerships for the Planet

We are always immensely proud of the long standing partnerships we have built – they are the foundation upon which we build every successful event – and now, more than ever, we are delighted to be working alongside fellow Scottish, Green Tourism accredited businesses and suppliers who are committed to becoming more sustainable. By understanding the sustainable focusses of our valued partners we can offer bespoke experiences to our clients with the assurance that we are all working together to #investinourplanet.

A trip to Scotland would never be complete without incorporating one of the things we are most famous for – whisky! Glengoyne Distillery, north of Glasgow – is the first distillery to have its own wetlands for the disposal of the liquid waste produced during the malting process. They rely on natural reed beds to filter the waste in an eco-friendly method which in turn encourages a flourishing natural habitat for birds, plants, insects and other wildlife.

Another of our wonderful distilleries – Arbikie Distillery, Arbroath – distill the world’s only climate-positive gin and vodka, with each 70cl bottle saving 1.5kg of carbon. The team at Arbikie aim to make it one of the world’s most sustainable distilleries. They grow all of the main crops, like barley, wheat and potatoes, as well as the botanicals, like juniper and lemongrass, on their farm. So come to Scotland, raise a glass and say ‘slàinte’ to protecting the planet.

As well as our whisky, we are of course known for our castles and monuments. Sustainability is at the heart of all that Historic Environment Scotland does and 68 of Scotland’s historic sites hold Green Tourism accolades.

With so much to take in across the country, you may be wondering how we can get you from A to B and still keep sustainability at the forefront of our minds. Well….our wonderful friends over at Little’s Chauffeur Drive have recently joined us in being accredited with a silver award from Green Tourism. Some of the steps taken to achieve their award include replacing all single-use plastic water bottles in their Scottish fleet as well as offsetting the carbon footprint of all journeys undertaken by their vehicles in Scotland by planting trees through the conservation charity, Trees for Life.

Restore the Great Outdoors

It is not just our partners who can ‘go green with Hello Scotland’. Our clients can help us to restore the great outdoors too.

Rewilding is a vision to repair and restore Scotland’s ecosystems, returning them to good health so that wildlife can thrive and communities can flourish. We are experts in running bespoke programmes where our clients can carry out practical conservation work to improve green spaces and engage with the local community. So come to Scotland, meet the locals, plant trees, enjoy a bespoke conservation activity and be part of the change to truly #investinourplanet with us.

Slow Food

Having helped restore the great outdoors and enjoyed an event with a multitude of sustainable focusses it will be reassuring to know that we don’t leave any element outside of our green considerations – even the food.

The ‘Slow Food Movement’ focuses on clean, locally prepared food that tastes good without harming the environment or your health. It encourages consumers to eat local and with Scotland having such an abundant and diverse natural larder the options are endless.

Let Hello Scotland introduce your group to our incredible food culture with the best ‘taste of Scotland’ by dining in restaurants that showcase local produce.

Interested in hearing some more amazing incentive ideas that have a green focus and let your group indulge in our awe inspiring landscapes? Check out this sample incentive we created.

Are you being inspired by some of the sustainability focused incentive options and know Scotland is a perfect fit for your next group? Hello Scotland would love to be your destination management partner, so get in touch!