Forest adventures - celebrating Scotland's forests

Scotland is home to some of the most magnificent forests in the world. You don’t need to travel far to find shimmering lochs and moody mountains, surrounded by swathes of beautiful green forest to explore.

The longest tree hedge in the world, and the oldest tree in the UK can both be found in Perthshire, affectionately known as ‘Big Tree Country’. And it doesn’t stop there. The tallest tree in the UK stands in Inverness, not far from the ancient Caledonian forest; and Dumfries is home to the UK’s first ‘Dark Sky’ forest.

Covering almost 20% of the land in Scotland, our forests can offer incentive guests a huge range of activities and the opportunity to make some very special memories in this magical land. Here are some of our clients’ favourite activities for their incentive trips to Scotland.

01. Adventure sports

mountain biking scotland

Scotland’s playground for adventure sports is immense! Whether your groups are seasoned adrenaline junkies or if they just want a taste of the wild side, we’ve got all kinds of forest activities that are great for incentives. Here are just a few ideas:

    • World class mountain biking with expert tuition and guiding, specific to your groups requirements
    • Hiking, horse riding and off-road driving can be enjoyed across a variety of locations with spectacular views
    • Traditional shooting challenges on one of Scotland’s many estates
    • Take to the water on speed boats, ribs, SUP, zap cats, rafts and more
    • Get into the heart of the forest with a treetop high ropes adventure

02. True Highlander

In ancient times, Scottish Highlanders were at one with the land around them. The forest was were they hunted, where they sought protection from the harsh winters, and of course it was the perfect place to hid and ambushed rival clans!

Our Highlander experiences are unique ways of allowing incentive groups to feel like real Scots as they camp out in the woods; or perhaps forage in Scotland’s naturally abundant larder and catch fish for their dinner. Our clansmen can teach them the art of bushcraft and archery, so they can defend themselves when a surprise Highlander ambushes happens along the way!

03. Relax and recharge

star gazing scotland

It’s good to have some time for relaxation and self-reflection on incentive trips. The quiet beauty of the outdoors is perfect for this. Incentive participants could star-gaze at Scotland’s dark skies forest, take part in art or photography workshops in picture-perfect locations, give something back with a sustainable activity like tree-planting or simple take a stroll alone the banks of a loch with one of our knowledgable and entertaining guides.

If you’d like to create a corporate incentive programme in Scotland then get in touch.