Since 1996 Hello Scotland has been handcrafting incentives and events across Scotland. We believe in bringing you the best of Scotland, through creative programmes, special experiences and professional support.  

Scotland is the ideal location for all kinds of events. Edinburgh's rich, dark history, combined with Glasgow's buzzing industrialism and the magic of the Highlands, offers versatility and uniqueness like nowhere else in the world. Your groups will love it!

I’d like to share my appreciation for all the colour and panache that you have added during the past 20 years where we have had the privilege of sharing time with the Hello team. It has been a pleasure to combine forces and to take inspiration from the energy and imagination you have demonstrated. I regularly refer to the frogmen in Loch Katrine taking their cue from the approaching coach to pop up Nessie humps from the water; this is of course but one example! Here’s hoping that there will be many yet to come.
— Sir Francis Ogilvy