Senior Project Manager

Senior Project Manager

Happiest when outdoors and leaves nothing to chance... check, check and check again.

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Scotland is truly a country to reconnect with nature. With my background in zoology and environmental studies I have always felt conscious of the impact I personally have on the environment. This is something that I keep with me when designing bespoke events for incentive clients and I feel like Scotland, particularly in recent years has so many sustainably conscious offerings that are in line with the quality Hello Scotland is known for. I also feel like there has been a very positive shift recently, where clients are requesting more eco-friendly programmes and I particularly enjoy getting involved in these requests.


Kirsty's Sustainable Scottish Highlights

Here are some standout sustainable highlights that Kirsty loves around Scotland.

Light Heather Plate

Dine at Timberyard - A restaurant aware of sustainability & the environment. Ingredients supplied by small, local, artisan growers, breeders, producers & foragers.

Light Heather Kilt

Shop at Tartan Blanket Co - A supplier of beautiful tartan products and a B Corp certified company looking to transform the industry to be more inclusive, equitable and regenerative.

Light Heather Mountain

Take a ride at Glentress - World renowned mountain biking trails on the outskirts of Edinburgh where you can be inescapably and intrinsically linked to nature.

Light Heather Question Mark

Did you know that - Glasgow, the city that is home to Hello Scotland, is a world-leading centre of sustainability that has committed to be a net-zero city by 2030