Our client wanted us to create an energetic handcrafted program that would offer their guests a fun-filled flavour of Scottish culture that was both rewarding and refreshingly different. A lively group of 40 needed a jam-packed program to keep them entertained…here’s how we delivered it…

Scotland came all the way to Brussels and back again for this lively incentive group! 

The group met at their city centre head office for an early morning coffee & croissants. To their surprise they were welcomed by a piper and drummer!

Amidst all the excitement, Bill arrives (having flown out the night before), in full Scottish regalia to meet the group and conduct his infamous ‘Gentlemen’s meeting’ in Brussels! The first time out of Scotland!

Kitted out in their kilts and super excited about what lies ahead, the group were transferred to the airport, where they were led by Bill and the piper & drummer, to check-in and through to the departure lounge! The sight of 40+  men in kilts marching through the airport to the sound of bagpipes and drums was probably the most dramatic and bizarre scene the airport has even seen!  

Day one

After the excitement of their departure, the group were in good spirits as they arrived at Edinburgh where they were met by their guides and coaches.

As they relaxed onboard the luxury coach, during the short transfer to their lunch and afternoon venue, there was a sudden commotion…coming from the toilet! Suddenly a real life crazed Highlander burst open the door in a bid to hijack the coach, for his clan and his FREEDOM!!

Even after their arrival at a grand Palladian Mansion for lunch the Highlander continued to enthral guests with his antics! Greeted by Major Callander, the owner of the house, which has been in his family since 1791, there were treated to a personal tour of the home and listened as the Major spoke passionately about its great history, before inviting them to join him for an assorted buffet lunch.

Then the real fun began! The group was divided up into clans and briefed about Highland Games activities and the sought after pride, honour and glory of the winning clan!

  • Caber & Stane – a spectacular game where brut strength and precision are needed to throw a large tree trunk in a 12 o’clock position
  • Haggis & Wellie– full of hilarity you’ll need a straight face to win a throw at these games!• Piping & Dancing – huff, puff and dancing shoes required for learning these two Scottish traditions!
  • Dog & Duck – an addition to the traditional format, get involved with an interactive & fun demonstration
  • Tug of War – the grand finale with a magnum of champagne for the winner!

After the thrill of the games and plenty of photos of the winners, the guests travelled to their boutique 4* hotel in the centre of Edinburgh. After check in and a little time to relax and enjoy their welcome gift, it was time for a well earned dinner at a rustic pub, acclaimed to be the oldest in Scotland!

In a private room, with cosy dining tables, guests tucked into to hearty soup, homemade steak and ale pie and homemade summer pudding…yum! Exactly what they needed after their exhilarating day.  

Day two

After a hearty Scottish breakfast the group was split in two, group A headed of to enjoy a rugby clinic with a dramatic castle backdrop, then to a distillery for a whisky experience (details on the left). Group B where whisked to a picturesque loch, where the vehicles of ‘Adrenaline on the Loch’ were waiting for some white-knuckle fun!

  • Rugby Clinic – toughen up with a hand-on introduction to the sport and a game of tag rugby
  • Whisky Experience – take a tour of a distillery, then under the watchful eye of expert distillers, blend your own!
  • Adrenaline on the Loch – enjoy the thrills and spills of zap cats, power boat, water skiing and banana boating!

After a morning of team-building, fun, adrenaline and first-time experiences, the groups met at a traditional village pub where they excitedly shared stories of their morning activities, over the chef’s homemade soup of the day and generous portions of oven baked lasagne.

In the afternoon the groups got the chance to switch and experience the activities they hadn’t got the chance to enjoy in the morning. Later in the afternoon the groups were transferred back to their hotel and given some time to relax and freshen, ready for the evening ahead.

Guests were taken to a cobble street in Edinburgh, where they were guided through a doorway and into a secret passage…in darkness they travelled into the spooky 16th Century cellar, learning the history and the myths that surround this part of Old Town Edinburgh.

Then, with the knock of a sturdy wooden door, it swung open and guests were lead into a beautifully resorted and candlelit cellar filled with traditional wooden furniture, set ready for dinner.

Guests settled down for a scrumptious dinner of marinated chicken kebabs, mixed game casserole and Scottish cranachan with drambuie. They were entertained by a skilled illusionist who spooked guest with his paranormal tricks!

Day three

On the third day of the trip, it was time for business. After breakfast the guests departed to a countryside retreat hotel for a morning meeting, followed by a delicious 3 course lunch.

In the afternoon the guests chose how they would like to spend their last afternoon in Scotland (activity choices on the left). Each group was transferred to their activity location, then back to the hotel to prepare for their final evening, and onto the coach to their final dinner venue.

  • Golf Clinic at the driving range with a pro golfer• A Walking Tour of Edinburgh, including the Castle & The Royal Mile
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting with prizes for the winners• Mountain Biking in the hills close to Edinburgh
  • Fly Fishing Lesson at a stocked loch

In the afternoon the guests chose how they would like to spend their last afternoon in Scotland (activity choices on the left). Each group was transferred to their activity location, then back to the hotel to prepare for their final evening, and onto the coach to their final dinner venue.

As the coach turned into the driveway and made its way up the winding drive, guests gasped at the grandeur of this 10th Century building. They were welcomed off the coach by the house staff and Sir Francis Ogilvy, who promptly invited them onto the lawn for welcome drinks. 

Guests may have thought that it was merely a nice formality to enjoy a drink on the lawn, but little did they know that they would be greeted by a falconer and his birds of prey! The group enjoyed an interactive display of the birds’ stealth, agility and skill, then got up close and personal with the birds throughout their amazing performance.

Then, it was time for dinner. Sir Ogilvy took the guests on a tour of his home before signalling a lone piper to pipe the guests into dinner.  Guests enjoyed a refined 4 course meal that included a ceremonious address to the haggis and the opportunity to taste Scotland’s national dish. Throughout dinner, guests were entertained by the lilts of a lone female fiddler, dressed in traditional Scottish costume.

After dinner, there was one final surprise. The group were invited for after dinner drinks in a separate room of the house, where they were presented with an DVD show of their time in Scotland. Throughout their stay, a videographer had been capturing the special moments, before compiling the best bits in a DVD, ready for each person to take home with them as a memory of their experience. There were tears of laughter as they watched each other toss the caber, hang on for dear life on a zap cat and especially when they were reminded of the hairy highland who joined them on the their trip!

Final morning

On their final day, the group enjoyed a leisurely morning, giving them time to reflect upon their experiences in Scotland.

As one final offering of Scottish heritage, the group were taken to the Hawes Inn for lunch, where they were told about the Inn’s strong connections with the writer Robert Lewis Stevenson. In fact it’s believed that he even wrote part of the book ‘Kidnapped’ whilst staying in the Inn, prompting the inclusion of a passage about the Inn in the book!

Lunch was follows by a stroll along the estuary banks, with views of the towering iconic forth bridges. Sadly, this was the end of the trip and with happy faces and warm heart, the group got on the coach for the last time for the short transfer to Edinburgh airport.

Here's what our client said:

We wanted to take this opportunity to express our utmost appreciation for all the efforts that you and your team have put in to help make our event in Edinburgh an astounding success!

Many of our participants have given us great comments about the event with regards to organisation and support. We would not have been able to accomplish this without unwavering support, initiative and never-say-die attitudes from your great team - a great job, well done!

For all this and more, we wish to say a Big THANK YOU to everyone at Hello Scotland! We had a great time working with you!