Getting it right for product launches and media events in Scotland

What do you want from a product or media launch destination? Good flight connections? Strong Wi-Fi and 5G? Short transfer times? Flexible and unique venues? You may not know it, but Scotland has all of this, and more!

Our wee country has five airports with international flight connections and several smaller airports that can bring your guests closer to the event, and that suit private charters perfectly.

Both Edinburgh and Glasgow have 5G, and with the government pushing for Scotland to be a 5G leader, it won’t be long before we see a nationwide role out and amazing connection speeds everywhere – something that we know is essential for media launches.

Scotland has the unique ability to offer incredibly strong imagery as the backdrop for a product launch or media event. Whether it’s a dramatic mountain scene, tranquil lochs, historic architecture or edgy modern cityscapes, we’ve got it all.

Also consider the wide range of industry backdrops that can support a launch event here. Historical industries like whisky, agricultural, manufacturing and ship building. Or more recent sectors including oil and gas, renewable energy, life sciences, digital and financial services.

We think Scotland is the perfect destination for:

Car launches

The driving routes across Scotland are ideal for car launches and we can plan routes that take in iconic sights, city driving, motorway driving, country roads with mountain views, and off-road driving for the right vehicles. Have a look at this case study to see how we supported the Mokka X launch which welcomed 700 journalists in 21 days into Scotland for a first-hand driving experience.

Brands with history

Scotland has a rich and colourful history and heritage that we can bring alive to help tell the story of your brand or your product, in a unique and entertaining way. For example, creating your own Highland Clan identity and intertwining your brand history with folklore and legend.

Outdoor / sporting brands

Scotland has world class sporting facilities and a versatile natural landscape that lends itself beautifully to sports and outdoor adventure. Think rolling hills, sparkling lochs, rivers and coastline; velodrome, arenas, stadiums and a variety of specialist sporting venues.

Fashion & textiles

Scotland has long been a key player in textiles and fashion, and is still key in today’s luxury market with the design and production of recognised names like Harris Tweed. Plus, we have stunning venues that are perfect for adding drama to a fashion collection launch…we’ve helped one of the world’s top fashion houses do this at the venue below!

Brand’s looking for an unusual venue

Across the country, you’ll find unusual and unique venues for product launches; like the railway arches under Glasgow’s Central Station, the Outlander film studio, numerous castle ruins and grand stately mansions.

All of this makes Scotland an attractive destination for all kinds of MICE events, but to make your event stand out, you need a DMC with the connections, experience, knowledge and creativity to make it happen.

And here we are 😉

Get in touch if you’d like to chat about having your product launch or media launch event in Scotland.

Credit to Visit Scotland for some of the photography above.