Conference Wellness in Scotland

If you didn’t already know it, Scotland is a top conference destination, led by our biggest city – Glasgow – which is recognised as one of the world’s leading conference destinations.

As a Glasgow-based DMC we love to help conference organisers with social programme elements like dinners and gala evenings; unusual venue choices and more recently wellness programmes.

Wellness at conferences matters as much as in the everyday workplace and goes beyond simply offering healthier food options. Delegates that are relaxed are more likely to stay focused and engaged, improving their overall conference experience. And importantly for organisers, they provide more positive feedback and are more likely to return next year.

Get the most out of delegates with a comprehensive wellness programme to help them relax in the busy environment of a conference. Some of the ways we’ve helped our conference clients achieve a balance is through:

1. Break-out massage sessions to relax and de-stress. Not every venue can accommodate a full suite for massages, but even chair massages and hand massages can have a significant impact on people’s mood and outlook.

2. Morning and breakout yoga and mindfulness sessions, specifically designed for improving seated posture and concentration.

3. Branded reusable water bottles and branded water stations to keep delegates hydrated throughout the day. Drinking enough water can be difficult when you busy at a conference. Water stations positioned around your conference venue makes it very easy and accessible for everyone to stay hydrated!

4. Not everyone wants to network, so chill-out zones or quiet rooms are ideal spaces for delegates to escape the noise, relax for a few minutes between sessions, or send a few emails in peace and quiet.

5. Join fellow fitness fanatics on an early morning 5k run on an organised route. Glasgow has fantastic parks and a riverside path that is ideal for a morning jog before the conference.

6. A gratitude wall – chalk, sharpie or digital – where delegates can express what they are grateful for and learn about the benefits of practicing gratitude.

7. Across Scotland we have amazing opportunities to explore the outdoors. By building in some time in the Scottish countryside, you’ll give your delegates a mental health boost. Try hiking, biking, kayaking, foraging and more. Or, choose a give back activity like tree planting.

8. Involve local social enterprises where you can, and tell delegates about it. For example, a catering company whose entire profits go towards ending homelessness in Scotland.

Do you have an upcoming conference in Scotland? Would you like some assistance in planning the event, social programme, wellness programme or any other conference support? Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.