What do you think when you hear ‘Scotland’?

Kilts, whisky, history, heritage, bagpipes…Braveheart? Yes these are all correct and together – as many of you know – they make a great recipe for a memorable incentive trip.

But what if there were more? Other ways to connect your incentive clients with Scotland, giving groups a richer experience?

We think that adding an element of learning and/or industry knowledge development to a corporate incentive can enhance the groups’ experience; especially if you have a group who are passionate about their job and industry. It can inspire, motivate and develop them as individuals.

It’s also a way to add a new element to incentive trips. Many incentive travellers expect good food, great accommodation and exciting activities. They are well travelled and have high expectations for a rewarding trip. A cleverly included visit, meeting or experience with like-minded industry professionals can not only add something new to a program, but also provide a business benefit.

Here's some of the industries that modern Scotland excels in. Take a look, you might be surprised!


Finance / asset management

Believe it or not Scotland has a 300 year history in finance and it's currently Europe’s fourth largest asset management centre.


25% of Europe’s wind and tidal resources are said to be in Scotland, so it’s not surprising that Statoil are currently building the world's largest floating wind farm off the North East coast.

Life sciences

With more that 650 life science organisations based in Scotland, the Central Belt is now considered a highly influential life science cluster within Europe.


Scotland has 15 universities across the country, some of which are the oldest and most established in the world. There is an incredible amount of collaboration between universities and industry, which is fuelling the success of key economic sectors.

Oil and gas

Aberdeen is the oil and gas capital of Europe. With 30+ years experience it’s viewed by the global energy industry as a hub for technological advancement, engineering excellence and innovation in the field.

Food and drink

You're thinking whisky right? Absolutely! It's a must for visitors to try! It's also quickly developing a reputation for excellent micro brewing and gun distilling. Scotland is one of the largest seafood producers in Europe and boasts a natural larder that’s impossible to find anywhere else!

Creative industries

In recent years our little country has become an innovation nation in digital media and creative enterprise. This spans a massive spectrum from gaming (like Grand Theft Auto), TV (Outlander), to music (MTV Europe Music Awards) and the arts (host of the 2015 Turner Prize).


Scotland’s traditional textile industry produces luxury fabrics and fashions for major catwalk designers, as well as exporting to over 150 countries. There’s nothing they don’t know about tartan and tweed!


So if you have clients in these industries, tell them about Scotland. Why not suggest an industry tie-in as part of an incentive? It might just give you the edge over your competition.

Image copyright: Statoil ASA