Whisky is known as Scotland’s national drink and loved by millions across the globe, but there is a 'new' kid in town, GIN! As you can see, Bill is not sure which tipple to try first.......

Along side the respected whisky traditions, gin is currently enjoying something of a renaissance thanks to the exquisite tastes and styles of new wave, artisan brands. These include Scottish gins like Hendrick's, The Botanist, Edinburgh Gin, Blackwood’s, Edinburgh Gin, NB Gin and Caorunn (pronounced ka-roon). All these gins have been developed using malt whisky processes and held in the same high esteem as single malt whisky, but drunk in more creative ways than the usual gin and tonic; perhaps adding apple or cucumber as garnish instead of a lemon or lime.

The discerning Hello Scotland team is ensuring that incentive groups get a taste of both whisky and gin by launching The Best of Both Worlds. This incentive programme includes the expected whisky activities but has the extra bonus of learning about and experiencing Scotland’s finest artisan gins into the bargain. With Scotland’s abundant natural larder, a gin and food paring can be included for a unique dinner experience. Perhaps afternoon tea in a private castle with gin cocktails served from teapots into vintage cups? The Gin Palaces of the 1800s were sophisticated affairs and Hello Scotland can recreate an incentive group’s private palace with classy gin cocktails in one of Scotland’s breathtaking, historic venues. Or imagine gliding up to a stately home in a classic car for a ‘Gin and Jazz’ night of dancing, perhaps inspired by the 1920s, Great Gatsby style. A GIN-centive if you will!

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