Whisky Sleeping

Today’s photo is a whisky image. This sign is at Glenturret Distillery in Perthshire, Scotland’s oldest since its origins among the smugglers and illicit stills of the 18th century and still in production today.

Whisky needs time to sleep. The casks are stowed in a warehouse and left undisturbed until the whisky has matured to perfection. Each year about 2% is lost through evaporation from each cask, this is known as “The Angel’s Share”.

Incentive groups love to include whisky as part of their itinerary and there  is so much more to do than just visit to a distillery. Perhaps a dinner matched with whisky with each course or blending and bottling their own bespoke whisky to take home...plus much more. Contact us today on inspireme@helloscotland.com for more ideas.