Happy Valentine’s Day from the team at Hello Scotland; we wish you a day of love and laughter! The more attentive lovebirds and visitors to Edinburgh may have noticed this heart-shaped mosaic in the cobbles on the High Street AKA The Royal Mile. Heart of midlothian

This mosaic is known as the Heart of Midlothian (also the name of a local football team) and is formed in coloured granite setts, being located not far from the entrance of the imposing St Giles’ Cathedral. Visitors to the city may be taken aback to see locals spitting on the Heart of Midlothian on their way past! The position of the heart marks the spot of the 15th Century Old Tolbooth, which was the site of public executions and the entrance to the capital’s jail. Although this spitting is now said to be done for good luck, it was originally done as a sign of disdain for the former prison.

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