Part of enjoying an incentive trip to Scotland is the fact that the men of the group are encouraged to get kilted up and to really get involved;  matching bunnets (flat caps) are optional, but preferred.


This row of strong Dutchmen from Makita Power Tools were at the stunning and historic location of Duntreath Castle with mountains, manicured gardens and a private lake as a backdrop. However, the hollering and shouts were very unusual for this part of the world..... the Haka?! That's because Hello Scotland's very own Bill Thomson specifically wrote a Haka (the  traditional Māori war cry usually seen by the New Zealand  rugby team) and this was echoing round this private estate.  Bill's creativity, musical prowess and conducting skills ensured that the 'Makita Power Tools Haka' included vigorous movements and stamping of the feet with rhythmically shouted accompaniment.....  all relating to power tools of course!

Hello Scotland's  esteemed colleagues from Performance Improvement made sure the group had an authentic and exhilarating incentive trip to Scotland. Whether this group from Makita Power Tools were ‘true’ Scotsmen or not will remain Hello Scotland’s secret, call it client confidentiality…...

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