Today is the ‘Glorious Twelfth’ (12th August), the start of the shooting season for red grouse, which are only found in the British Isles. Scotland’s national game bird the grouse, relies on young heather as a food source so the mountains and moors here are the perfect habitat.

Grouse are a short-lived species, with two out of three dying within one year of hatching, regardless of shooting. Field sports can be a popular activity for incentive groups visiting Scotland; although we appreciate that it may not appeal to all. For those who are not comfortable with shooting as a sport, there is an alternative for the grouse……drink it! The Famous Grouse is a blended whisky which has been the top selling brand in Scotland since 1980 where 3 drams are sold every second! Famous Grouse uses two very fine malt whiskies in its blend: The Macallan and Highland Park and this may account for its popularity.

Today, incentive guests can visit the home of the brand at The Famous Grouse Experience in Perthshire which sits alongside Glenturret Distillery, reputed to be Scotland’s oldest dating back to 1775.  For something unusual and memorable, The Famous Grouse Experience can offer an exclusive whisky matching dinner for up to 100 guests know as Fasan Ùr. This is a sensory, fine-dining experience that allows guests to enjoy up to 9 courses matched with malt and blended whiskies instead of wine. Fasan Ùr ( meaning new fashion in Gaelic) is a discovery of the wealth of flavours found in whisky, matched with the finest local ingredients in a distillery in a breathtaking location.

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