Many of us have received a corporate gift which when you get home goes in a drawer, or even worse, the item goes in the dustbin.  The rationale for companies giving a gift could be as an introduction to the organisation, as a thank-you; or in Hello Scotland’s experience it’s helping a client find a memento of an incentive trip. Coffee

We love this cafetière cover made from tweed by Vintage Squirrel based in the Highlands.

Scotland is brimming with natural products so there is no excuse not to consider a 'crafty' gift  as an authentic reminder of a trip to Scotland. Something perhaps that is practical but is also a reminder of  time spent in Scotland,  like a home-made gift? There are plenty of  products and items to choose from including: cashmere, silver, tweed, tartan, pottery, Fair Isle knitting……the list goes on. Not only can incentive guests buy these interesting gifts but can also have a hand in making them themselves.

Many of the practices described as Scottish traditional craft were once a necessary part of everyday life in Scotland. Textiles, ceramics, baskets, furniture and other items were produced using locally available materials and resources, and designed for practical use. Skills and techniques were passed down from generation to generation and are still  appreciated today. Some makers take pride in sticking closely to historical methods and materials; while others prefer to combine modern materials and technologies with age-old techniques, to find new ways to breath life into Scottish traditional craft.  Craft Scotland is a Scottish charity working to unite, inspire and champion Scottish craft; it’s impressive to see so many producers across Scotland.

Hello Scotland has relationships with many artisan craft makers and can arrange groups to meet these talented artists and to create memorable gifts for loved ones….or themselves!  For crafty ideas for your next incentive email us today on