It’s official. The Scottish Highland Games Association has laid down a list of ‘dos and don’ts’ for competitors in Highland games. The 15-page document aims to impose rules at Highland games across Scotland to ensure that competitors behave in an appropriate way.

Highlights include:

  • Tug o' war participants may swear only twice before being disqualified
  • Strictly forbidding the removal of kilts during a competition
  • No competitor will be permitted to dress or undress in the Games Arena
  • The practice of throwing a light caber for distance is not tossing the caber, it should be discontinued
  • Cyclists must "present a neat and tidy appearance"
  • However wrestlers "shall take hold where they please, subject to the following restrictions – the hair, flesh, ears, private parts or clothes"
Warming the chestnuts
Warming the chestnuts

The team at Hello Scotland has visions of Hector, Farquhar and Fergus up in the Highlands tutting their disapproval at naughty behaviour……but don’t worry folks, we can’t imagine our fearless leader Bill (above) taking any notice of these rules when with out with an incentive group. Can you?

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