I have recently returned from a full on familiarisation trip with potential clients from Canada and North America; followed by some site inspections with European clients. I have had a moment to reflect on our Scottish local heroes, which I alluded to in a previous blog.  Falconry is an ancient and noble skill, but still very popular with incentive groups today. It would be difficult to find a more experienced, knowledgeable and charismatic falconer than Adrian Hallgarth. I am proud to say that Adrian has become a friend over the years of us working together and I try to take as many clients to meet him as I can.  Part of the reason is that even people who are not keen on birds to start with are converts almost as soon as they spend time with these enigmatic animals; they truly are remarkable.

Adrian had trained, flown and bred hundreds of birds of prey from across the globe and is also responsible for their behaviour and performance. Guests are privileged to get up close and personal with a number of falcons, hawks, eagles and owls, making it a special and unique experience. Adrian is a natural entertainer and this coupled with his unparalleled knowledge makes any activity light-hearted, fun, educational and altogether unforgettable. And that’s the point of an incentive, isn’t it?

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