The final post of a 3-part blog series giving you the highlights and 'need-to-know' facts from a recent SITE Foundation & IMA incentive participant survey, so that you can stay ahead of the corporate incentive curve.

Part 3: Memorable Characteristics of Incentive Travel

  • 88.6% of earners said travel reward made them feel appreciated, whilst 72.4% reported an increase in loyalty
  • 77% said the travel had increased their feelings of being part of the company and 63% said it had increased their trust in the company
  • The greatest intensity of the memory of the trip came from aspects of the destination, with 37.6% of participants stating it was very intense or extremely intense
  • The memory of camaraderie with other participants was felt to be of average intensity by 51% of participants, but 63.8% also felt the emotional impact of camaraderie was positive or very positive
  • The greatest emotional impact of the memory was also said to be from aspects of the destination, with 72.8% saying it was positive or very positive
  • Corporate Social Responsibility projects had the least amount of emotional impact and intensity of the memory of all the topics asked

What does this mean for travel planners/agents and DMCs?

  1. Appreciation, loyalty, trust and inclusion – these are all positive outcomes of incentive travel programs, reinstating the positive benefits and ROI that incentive travel creates for our clients
  2. Destination choice & experiences there are the key to the long term positive impact of the travel reward
  3. CSR activities not fairing well. This could perhaps be due to a lack of interest from participants, or perhaps DMCs are providing the wrong types of activities? This is a reminder to make sure CSR activities are interesting, with a positive emotional connection

What do you think about the results above? Are they surprising or as you would have expected? Tell us what you think!

The survey was designed with assistance from practicing incentive managers and other incentive industry professionals. The survey was then assembled by the marketing research firm, Researchnow. There were 1,003 valid responses from individuals who had been eligible.

Copies of the report are available at: