The excitement of an upcoming corporate incentive should start from the very moment it’s announced to employees. It’s a motivation tool that should be used throughout the year to encourage high achievement and results, then winners should enjoy excitement and a build up to the trip itself.

‘Teasers’ are the ideal way to hype up incentive travel. They offer small (or large!) reminders to employees of what they are working towards, the goal of winning a place on a trip of a lifetime.

There are hundreds of different types of ‘teasers’ and ways to create excitement for the trip. Here’s some of our favourite teasers for Scotland incentive groups:

Have a Scotsman announce the trip

Do you announce next year’s incentive at an annual conference, meeting or even at the end of the current incentive? Why not make it all the more real and have a genuine Scotsman introduce Scotland to your employees? Here's what Bill has to say about the first time he flew out to meet a group and introduce Scotland;

"it was an exhilarating experience. The participants obviously had no idea where the trip was taking place, but as soon as I walked on stage in my kilt (with my fox sporran), the whispers, shrieks and giggles started as they realised they were going to Scotland!

I shared with them my passion and love for Scottish culture, history and landscapes, whilst giving them a tiny taster of what they'll experience in my country. I really think my presence in my kilt, the Scottish music and the personal stories I told them, ignited employees with a sense of excitement and motivated them to strive to win a place on the trip!"

'Taking the Hill'

‘Taking the Hill’ is one of our incentive concepts which starts long before the incentive takes place. The group are invited to Scotland to reclaim their birth right that was stolen from their ancestors. Employees are sent various copies of spoof newspaper, the ‘Highlander Times’ which explains their clan’s history and the reasons why they must return to Scotland for a battle. The best bit about all of this? The CEO in traditional Scottish dress, preparing to do battle!

Split into their clans in advance, participants are given the opportunity to get together and plan their clan costumes for the battle day, where on the day they work in teams to win challenges of endurance, strength and agility. For collective effort, each task is rewarded with the lighting of a flame. Each flame lit leads them closer to the top of the hill, where they will tear down and burn their enemy’s flag!

The build up to this and the excitement of the participants comes to an electrifying climax at the end of the day when they reclaim their ancestors land. It's topped of with a fabulous celebratory party that evening.

Creation of the clan shield

If you’d prefer to give participants a gift in advance of their incentive, why not have your very own Clan shield designed and created? It could include your emblem or logo, along with your company motto, or the incentive motto.

For a personal touch, each shield could include the individual surname – perhaps in Scot’s Gaelic – of each employee. A touching gift for participants.

A Piper at the departure airport

Participants will expect their incentive experience to start when they step of the airplane in Scotland. Why not surprise them before this and have a piper welcome them to their departure airport? Or at their offices before they leave to depart?

The look on their faces will be priceless! 


A kilt to wear on their travel day!

Give the gift of a kilt to the get the giggles started early on an incentive trip! Lightweight polyester kilts (not traditional woolen heavy kilts which require specific measurements) are a fun way to get your group in the mood to travel to Scotland! Send the kilts a few weeks before and ask them to wear them to the airport for total hilarity!


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