Glamping (glamorous-camping!) has become a popular choice of unusual accommodation appealing to those who want to enjoy the outdoors without the hassle of camping in a normal tent. This blog will take a look at some of the great Scottish glamping options for corporate incentive groups who want to experience Scotland in a new way.


Traditional Nomad living that's still used widely in place like  Mongolia and Tibet.

Yurts are the essence of a low impact, slow holiday:  Staying in a Yurt reminds us of what is important, giving us the opportunity to experience few possessions, our relationship with nature and the gift of simplicity. All of which are often lost in modern day life.

Traditional family living has been turned into luxury setting with fur rugs, central fire pits/wood burning stoves with other luxurious interiors.

Yurts vary in size and can accommodate anything from 2 person luxury to 6 people comfortably.

Wooden Huts / Micro Lodges

These can be called a variety of names but they are commonly 2 bed ‘mini’ wooden lodges with curved walls and are only the height of the door!

Compact accommodation in the wilds of Scotland, but with modern comforts – some even have their own wet room and under floor heating!

Belle Tents

Belle tents have a simple design - natural canvas draped from a central pole, held tightly by guy ropes to create it's distinctive shape. Old-fashioned, yet elegant, Belle tents have a wonderfully soft ambience and can comfortably sleep 4, but there is room for a 5th and 6th person, if you don't mind it being cosy!

Gypsy Roulottes

Probably the most uncommon /unusual glamping option in Scotland is Roulottes. Each one has a different design, colour and personality offering a unique, even bohemian experience.

Suited best to smaller groups, participants will love this accommodation!


Pods offer the true sense of the word glamping, but in a fun and fairytale way! Solar powered, these ‘wendy houses’ accommodate 2 people, or in the tallest ones, 4 people in bunk beds!

These are the ideal solution for large groups wanting their own bespoke experience in the location of their choice!

Why would you choose Glamping for your incentive group?

  • A complete alternative to normal hotel accommodation and one that's unique to the group
  • Many of the options above have flexible locations, meaning you can choose your camping location and make it totally unique to the group
  • Glamping in Scotland is suitable for all sizes of groups – roulottes are great for small groups, yurts and pods are ideal for larger groups
  • The group can enjoy the Scottish wilderness, without the hassle of real camping!

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