In part one we talked about the importance of DMC's knowing the sustainability of their suppliers. Part 2 detailed 5 ways to make your incentive greener without costing you money and in Part 3, we've combined both of these elements to bring you examples of what some of Hello Scotland's suppliers are doing for the green tourism and events. The following tourism suppliers are all part of the Going Green with Hello Scheme.

1. Gosford House

Local produce from the estate including organic and free range chicken and eggs, wild boar, lamb – some produce only travels 800m to reach the plate!

Tree planting is a natural occurrence on an Estate where there are several hundred acres of trees, not to mention the abundance of conservation and wildlife habitats that are managed, like bees for honey etc.

2. Allan's Coaches

Allan's renew their fleet constantly meaning they have the best up to date engine technology and a fleet that produces zero emissions!

Allan’s were one of the first coaching companies to do this.

Groups will always travel green!

3. Marriott Dalmahoy

The Dalmahoy’s golf course has been awarded a certification of excellence from Audobon for the environmental work on their golf course. This includes wild life habitat, water conservation, chemical reduction and safety, outreach and education.

Plus, over the last 10 years approximately 15,000 trees have been planted on the hotel grounds!

4. Marlin's Wynd

Marlin's Wynd use locally sourced produce in their seasonal menus, friendly lighting where possible and candle stubbs are always recycled (and they have a lot of candles!).

All waste is separated for recycling and they are moving towards a paperless office.

5. Hotel Missoni

Missoni are working on a green events package to include things like:

- Locally sourced food - Recycled paper products - An available laptop to calculate each atendees carbon footprint - Option to offset carbon emissions by supporting the Tree Amigos project with Trees for Scotland.