Some facts you may not know about Scottish Kilts...

  • Each kilt is made of about eight yards of material
  • An average worsted wool kilt weighs around 4.5 to 5 pounds
  • Each handmade kilt takes a total of about 15 hours solid work to complete
  • There are more than 4000 tartans
  • The most popular tartans are the Stewart tartans, Black Watch, Dress Gordon and the Flower of Scotland
  • The oldest tartan is the Falkirk tartan, which dates to around AD260 and was discovered in a jar of coins near Falkirk
  • The first, and only tartan, to date, on the Moon was the Macbean, worn by Alan Bean on Apollo 12 in November, 1969

 (With thanks to The Kilter for their kilt facts!)