Part 2 of this 'greener incentive travel' blog series focuses on how you can make reduce the environmental impact of any incentive program whilst maintaining high standards and more importantly, without it costing you more! 5 ways to make your incentive greener - without costing you money!

1. Be smart about transport

Are your coach companies using low emission / green vehicles? Could the group walk or cycle between some locations and could you build this in as part of the experience? Are chauffeured vehicles electric or low emissions? Could the group take some public transport, like the train? These are all questions travel planners should ask themselves when planning incentive trips.

2. Offset your impact with a 'green' activity

Give back to the destination your group are visiting by building a green or 'give back' activity into their program. For example, with Hello Scotland you can choose carbon neutral tree planting, or volunteering with the Linlithgow Union Canal Society.

3. There's an app for that...

You can cut down on the amount of paper you use for each incentive group by using a mobile app, or even a simple PDF download for any itinerary information you need to give participants. PDF's for mobile devices are easy to create participants are less likely to lose their mobile/cell phone than they are a piece of paper!

App development would take more effort to complete, but once it's created it can be amended for each group...and would look uber slick to end clients and participants!

4. Choose responsible suppliers

We touched on this in part one when we talked about 5 questions you should ask your DMC. As your DMC will handle most of the local suppliers, it's important that you trust them and believe they will act responsibly on your behalf. Here's an example of how Hello help's clients choose responsible suppliers: Going Green with Hello.

5. Eat local

A simple, easy step but not always one that's remembered. Don't assume that everything you'll be dining on will be local produce as much of the time it may not be! If you can reduce the 'food miles' of your groups lunches and dinners, you could be reducing your impact on the local environment and leaving a positive one on the local economy.

Scotland is lucky enough to have one of the best natural larders in the world so make sure you take advantage of it!