This summer the much anticipated Disney Pixar film Brave will hit theatres across the globe.  Set in the Scottish Highlands in the 10th Century it looks like a fantastic piece of cinema that show's Scottish heritage and culture in a warm, humorous way. It also presents a fantastic opportunity for a Brave-themed corporate incentive program in Scotland!

Here's just some of the things we could incorporate in a Brave program for your next corporate incentive group:


The ancient art of archery is brought to life courageous Merida displays her incredible skills throughout the film. You too can try your hand at archery in the Scottish Highlands! Although you won’t be competiting for the hand of a princess, you might be competing for the honour of winning….or even a bottle of Scoland’s finest whisky!


Highland Games

The sons of the Clansmen competed for the princesses hand in marriage, just like a traditional highland clan games where clans compete for honour, glory and achievement. Your group will be split into clans for their Highland Games, but first they must dress in plaids, like the traditional Scot’s warriors in the film!

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Merida and her family lived in a splendid highland castle based on the breathtaking Dunnottar Castle in Aberdeenshire. Not only can your group visit this Castle ruin, they could also have the opportunity to stay in a Scottish Castle too!

Chessmen of Lewis

Chessmen of Lewis is one of the most significant archaeological finds of the last 200 years. Merida and her mother play with these iconic chess pieces in Brave. You're group can see part of the collection at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh!

Scotland's Landscape

It may be an animated movie, but the beauty of Scotland’s dramatic landscape is as stunning as you’ll see it in the film.

Also consider

Sailing off the coast of Scotland / at one of our Lochs, and horse riding in the highlands/beach – which are also featured in Brave.

Release Date USA: 22nd June (Watch the Trailer)Release Date Germany: 2nd August (German Trailer)

UK premier at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on the 30th June.