How can travel planners use 140 character updates on Twitter to help them understand their industry, generate new ideas, improve communication and get new business?

Here's 10 ways how.


News. To find out what's happening in their chosen destinations right now. Could be good, could be bad, could affect travel decisions.


Ideas. DMCs, Tourist Boards, Hotels etc are posting new corporate incentive ideas on Twitter by the minute - don't miss out on finding out what's hot!


Contacts. These DMCs, Tourist Boards and Hotels, aren't just corporate beings, they're people whom you can start to build a business relationship with!


Discovery. Discover new destinations that you'd never thought of for corporate incentives. Destinations that you can present to your clients as new and wonderful! Plus, use the contacts you've made on Twitter to get the full story about the location.


Duty of Care. We've talked about this a lot in previous blogs. Twitter is one of the best resources for keeping up to date on matters that could change the outcome of participants travel. News often reaches here before mainstream channels, for example, airlines now use it for customer care.


Share. Get your travel experience from around the world out there and tell people where you've been and what you thought about it - prove you're a seasoned travel planner!


Story not selling. Share your own company news with your followers. Achievements, trade shows you're attending, and even personal news - like birthdays and babies - adds to your company story.


Feedback. Got a new idea or want to hear the world's thoughts on a particular destination? Why not ask the Twitter community what they think?


Suppliers. Twitter is a great platform to find out what's going on with your suppliers. Keep on top of new products, pricing changes, service changes etc.


Expert. Share your thoughts and opinions about sales incentives and travel with your followers. After all, you're the expert, so prove it!