Perhaps the simplest way to get the most creative and bespoke corporate incentive program from your DMC:

A DMC with the ability, inspiration and knowledge to develop a creative incentive program is one thing, but it’s all worth nothing if they put together the wrong type of program because they don't know what the client wants and/or are unfamiliar with the type of participants within the group.

It’s surprising how many RFPs have little information on them, yet a WOW program that participants will love is expected from the DMC. That’s like me choosing to take you to a steakhouse for dinner, knowing that you could easily be a vegetarian…

By providing your DMC with as much information about the participants as you can, you'll be surprised at how different their proposed program can be. Take a look at the two requests below.


  • 80 pax
  • 2 nights
  • Edinburgh
  • 50% males 50% females
  • 5*
  • May 2012


  • 80 pax
  • Incentive winners and spouses
  • Age group: 45-60
  • Edinburgh (but like the outdoors)
  • 5*
  • May 2012
  • LIKE: outdoor activities, cooking, amazing food, nice wine, whisky, non ‘tourist activities’, leisure time
  • DISLIKE / Don’t want: long transfers, camping, no Italian or Indian food, strenuous activities
  • Last year they went to Dubai and enjoyed – desert jeep rides, lots of leisure time, etc…

The Difference

Request one is pretty vague and it’s human nature not to choose anything risky or ‘way out there’ as part of the program. You don’t know anything about the group, so there’s an element of playing it safe involved.

Yet with small amount of additional information provided in Request 2, you’ll see an entirely different program created! The RFP doesn't give the participants life story, but what it does give is a few little bits of information that allows your DMC to build a picture of what this incentive group is like.

Simple things like knowing they are married couples and knowing what they enjoyed / disliked in their last incentive trip can offer huge insight into the ‘profile’ of the group and could be the difference between you winning the business and not.

Your DMC should relish receiving this information as it will undoubtedly aid their brainstorming and will influence all of the elements they put into their program, from transfer options to hotels and activities.

The essence of this blog post?

More details = More bespoke program = better chance of winning the business!