That's the question I poised to the team here at Hello, and there proved to be some interesting answers...

In their own words (and without knowing what the others had written!), here's what Hello love about Scotland...


Bill "I love the landscape and how it has its own unique character, combining the lochs, glens, Islands, castles, rivers and wildlife. It inspires me and hosting clients on site visits and showing them around this landscape, makes me proud to be Scottish!"

"I love our capital city, Edinburgh. With Edinburgh Castle, as it jewel in the crown, the historic old town and Georgian New town, Edinburgh has its own unique character and a massively interesting past. Its easy to walk on foot around the city centre and a photographers paradise!"


Elaine "The People. We are passionate about everything we do and loyal supporters to the end, be it rugby, football, tennis  or any other sport - even when we continually lose, nothing keeps a Scotland fan's spirits down!"

"The Scenery - Even though I live in a fairly central location close to Glasgow's West End only 20 mins to the West I can find myself on the Bonnie Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond and then 20-30 mins to the North I have Strathblane, Killearn and Aberfoyle - Gateway to the Highlands!"


Lisa "The green fields, rolling hills and unpredictable weather makes and Irish girl feel like it's a home from home :)"

"Scotland's love of all things Scottish! They're patriotic, there's a passion for preserving its natural beauty, a love for its natural produce and pride in their national dress...the Scottish are simply proud to be Scottish!"


Kirsty "I love the fact you never feel too far away from stunning countryside; and how friendly and hospitable the Scottish people are."


Sarah "The scenery...because no matter if there's sun shine or snow it still has the ability to take my breath away"

"The people - walk into any bar or pub and you're sure to find a friend :) "


Kirsten "The strong heritage of this country means that you are embraced by a culture where there are no strangers and the pride in the history of their land is like no other. If you want to enjoy a rip roaring, foot stomping folk festival or simply enjoy the tranquillity of a local loch. Scotland invites you whole heartedly to embrace its culture and soul."

"Whether you are seeking out adventure in one of the transcending mountains or taking in the fantastic scenery from the enchanting beaches, remote islands and quaint colourful fishing villages, Scotland has so much to offer!"


So there you have it. I think it's fair to say that Scotland's natural beauty, the Scots people, and their culture, are what makes us love it!

What do you love about Scotland?