Open orange gift box.

Being Alice in Eventsland     by SHARE TODAY Out of the Box. We use this phrase often to point out some creative way of thinking. However I feel the literal translation is not inspiring at all. I do immediately think of a brown box with a lot of packing material left in it, which does not fit in my garbage bin. Inspiring? You mean irritating!

When we shaped the 2012-concept for the E-magazine of SHARE TODAY we decided to create various themes throughout the year as inspiration for our E-mag and our social media. We kick-off with a capital C of Creativity. In the events industry creativity or thinking Out of the Box are the magic words. But can anyone give me the clear and transparent definition of creativity?

I am a type of person who in a brainstorm easily jumps from one idea to another and along the road my creativity starts to flow. I never encounter bears on this road, no; it feels more like being Alice in Wonderland on a road movie to another perfect event for my client. This results in unique but challenging ideas.

One day I was on site-inspection with a client to Cyprus; a wealthy family who wanted to celebrate their 25th anniversary of marriage with a big bunch of children, grand children, family and friends.  Well if you have this opportunity and can spend serious money, let’s play the game, right?  One of the ideas was a pirate night on the beach with a serious treasure hunt for the kids, a big open air BBQ with Jack Sparrow behind the fire, candlelight beach, a perfect disguise for every guest and a great band playing funky songs. Well…be surprised. I was far too eccentric in my approach. Why couldn’t we use the meeting room in the hotel? And what was wrong with a buffet with schnitzels and meatloaf? “A live band? My family will definitely not dance so why spend money on a live band when a tape with some background music can do” answered my client. Oeps…I was totally out of control here and I learned an important lesson; creativity is a very personal thing.

I shared this story lot of times in briefings with clients to open their eyes to be clearer on their perception of what they want me to deliver. And here it is; do they want a nicely wrapped box or can they handle an idea, which does not fit in this box and will be delivered Out of the Box?

At SHARE TODAY we love to inspire our members, fans, followers and friends. A creative approach is one of our essential values.  Stay tuned; our next blog will reveal some wonderful ideas of creative minds around the globe.