Business Travel Destinations recently reported on a joint study between Site International Foundation and the Incentive Travel Council that took an in-depth look at the participants’ views of incentive travel. The full report isn’t due for release until late 2012, but they have released some initial findings that are pretty interesting. Lets take a look.

There were three key things that participants felt incentive travel should be:

- Motivational (to increase their desire to achieve)

- Meaningful (this added value for both those who qualified for the trip and those who didn’t)

- Memorable (for long term employee loyalty)

Not any real surprises there, but what would be interesting to see is what order of important they rank these three in….what do you think?

Here’s a few more of the specific statistics:

76.7% expressed incentive travel as a driving force in their work.

86.3% indicated that incentive travel provides a feeling of motivation.

72.7% said that choice of destination is very important.

63.8% indicated that camaraderie with other participants was strongly memorable and 24.9% considered it average.

I’m a little surprise to see that only 63.8% noted camaraderie with participants as strongly memorable. Certainly from my experience with Hello Scotland, I would have expected this to have been higher.  I wonder does this vary depending on the type of organization? Or even the destination?

It’s also interesting to note that 35.8% of participants said that corporate social responsibility activities had a positive memorable impact, with 51.7% saying it had an average impact.

It’s great that CSR activities are having an impact on over a third of participants (I wonder what the statistic would be from 2-3 or 5-10 years ago?), but equally it's disappointing that most tag it as ‘average’.

Could it be the type of CSR activities that are being offered? For example, when it comes to CSR activities, do providers lose sight of the usual incentive goal and focus too much on the CSR activity, therefore forcing the activity to lose it’s sparkle or the things that make it truly memorable?

These are some interesting statistics that bring even more questions to my mind on how participants react to incentive travel. Questions that I’m sure corporate companies, travel agents and DMC’s would all like to know the answers too!

Do you have any thoughts on the initial findings of the report or your own personal experiences? Lets start a discussion :)

Source Business Travel Destinations Three Benefits to Incentive Travel from the Attendee Perspective October 24, 2011