Your hotel choice can mean the difference between a hugely successful group and a mediocre / average one. Elaine tells us why and gives some pointers for making the right choice….  Your hotel is the one element of an incentive program that clients will be exposed to for the longest period of time – quite often for the duration of their trip.  An it’s not only the accommodation provided, but their involvement in dining, meeting, some activities and room drops etc.


You could even say they are the most important supplier you will choose for your incentive group – which is why it’s important that you listen to the suggestions from your DMC. They work in the local environment and will give you suggestions on hotels depending on your needs, and their own experiences of the hotel.


Choosing the wrong hotel can lead to under-rated rooms, inappropriate levels of service, food that doesn’t meet expectations and levels of organization that aren’t up to what you expect / require. However choosing the right hotel will lift a weight of your shoulders as they exceed your levels of expectations and provide you with a service that is second to none.


So, how do you go about choosing the right hotel for your corporate incentive group?

Firstly, I recommend that you communicate as much information about your requirements and expectations to your DMC. Likewise, give them as much information as you can about the travelling group – i.e. age, gender split, previous incentive locations, occupation, social category etc.

Then, analyze the hotel’s communication patterns. Whether you’re booking through your DMC or directly you should be able to get an indication of how good their communication is. If they are fast at answering queries and genuinely helpful, then there’s a better chance they will be like this when your group is on-site.


Be wary of hotels who take a long time to answer your queries, provide incorrect information or do not come across as professional, as this can often be a sign of underlying problems.


I guess these pointers apply to choosing any supplier. Hotels are pivotal in ensuring a successful incentive and you will get the best information and knowledge about hotel choices from your local DMC.