As more organizations look to ‘give back’ to the communities in which they are holding events, Claire takes a look at how corporate incentive visitors to Scotland can give back to our own communities…

As Hello Scotland’s own Green Champion, give backs are something that I feel is a great addition to an incentive program and I’m thrilled to see that organizations are now considering give back activities in their travel programs – particularly North American travelers.

Give Backs can span a wide range of activities, from charitable work, green giving, volunteering and more – all of which are readily available across Scotland.

For our European counterparts who perhaps are so familiar as our North America cousins with the give back concept, there are three main benefits of including them in your program, whether as an on-going theme, or a standalone activity.

Benefit One:

Give back activities reward travel participants with shared positive experiences and the memory of doing something that made a read difference to a community.

Benefit Two:

Use give back’s as a way of fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility objectives through charitable, philanthropic or environmental activities.

Benefit Three:

You’re helping to regenerate, improve and help small communities in a specific destination. It’s a great opportunity to create positive association and reputation for your organisation.

Scotland can offer a variety of give back activities and some of the activities Hello Scotland suggest include:

- Carbon Neutral Tree Planting – to restore Scotland’s forests

- The Regeneration of Scotland’s Canals – for nature preserving and giving the public back beautiful scenery and leisure facilities that have been lost

- Volunteering – There are a variety of on-going projects in Edinburgh and Glasgow that provide those who need a helping hand to get back on their feet, with the necessary skills, shelter, support and advice they need.

- Charity – Perhaps you have a corporate charity that you support in your own local community? We can help you find a similar charity in Scotland whom you can help with fundraising, volunteering and awareness building whilst you are in Scotland.

I understand that you might be thinking, my incentive group want 5* luxury and to be pampered and looked after from beginning to end of their incentive trip, so how do give backs fit?

You’d be surprised how people will get involved in programs that help other, human nature to help others is a wonderful thing that more often than not, will shine through over an individuals own desires.

Plus, your DMC should be able to create such a program where participants feel that what they are doing is still exclusive and unique – two key factors of any incentive program.

Hello Scotland have just launched our own Give Back Moments for corporate incentive travel groups. Each Give Back Moment is specific and bespoke to the needs of you, our client , so if you wish to include a give back in your program, please contact the project team who will discuss with you the best options for such an activity or theme.