The shocking behaviour that has gripped a nation is likely to have a negative effect on the whole of the UK’s global image as a tourism destination. 

Thankfully, Scotland has remained calm and somewhat in awe of the developments across the border. On Tuesday night in Glasgow, 55,000 football fans peacefully gathered for a charity match between a Glasgow Celtic legends team (including Scots movie star Gerard Butler!) and a Manchester United legends team to raise money for Oxfam’s East Africa Charity Appeal.

Yet Scotland is by far unaffected by the disruption in our neighbouring nation as the damage to the UK’s reputation is likely to effect all of England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.

The governments must work hard, fast and strategically with each of the UK tourism boards to limit the damage from this outrage of broken society. They must put it into context with our reputation as a safe, enjoyable, friendly destination by providing up to date information, reassurance and above all honesty.

It’s a cliché to say that every cloud has a silver lining, but the solidarity that communities are taking to unite against rioters shows that the heart and strength of the British community spirit is still alive and kicking!

The ‘Moral Army’ of volunteering local families, friends and businesses are not prepared to let a small minority ruin their livelihoods and homes. They have taken to the streets with brooms, shovels and passion - cleaning up debris and bringing each community closer together.

If you’ve been affected by the riots or have an opinion on it’s effect on tourism, please leave a comment and start a discussion!