Here’s some inspiration for unique corporate incentive travel themes in Scotland….

We thought we’d share with you, our lovely blog readers, a few ideas for themed corporate incentives, product launches or business events, here in Scotland.

Scotland’s history is carved within its modern culture and when you come here for a sales incentive or corporate event, you’ll almost certainly get to experience this during your trip.

But this link to our historical past doesn’t always have to be experienced through a Ceilidh, Whisky Tasting or Highland Games… and if you’ve got a groups of well travelled incentive guests, they may well have done all of this before!

Don’t get me wrong, these things are all fantastic and a definite must for a first-time visitor to Scotland, but if you’re guests have been before, you need extra special programs that they won’t have experienced before!

First up…it’s “A Program for Foodies”

Scotland’s natural larder makes it one of the best places in the world to get fresh, natural and organic ingredients like game, beef, lamb, vegetables and fruit.

Here's some idea's on great Scottish Foodie Programs!

1. Along side our natural larder, Scotland is also home to some amazing chefs who have opened their doors to teach their skills to all who will listen! Your group could spend a day or half day at one of our finest cook schools learning the art of traditional Scottish dishes, or you could choose a more modern Scottish love – like curry!

2. For those with a sweet tooth, there’s chocolate making under the careful watch of Edinburgh’s finest confectioners! Or go straight to chocolate indulgence at the Chocolate Lounge at Harvey Nichols - the hippest place in town for dessert!

3. For a fun afternoon, take your guests Haggis Making! During the workshop the group will get hands on instruction with the ingredients and processes that’s involved in making this famous Scottish dish!

4. Take a visit to Edenmill Farm to see how Scotland’s farmers produce quality sustainable produce. Your group will be given a tour of the farm and will learn about the journey of the meat and produce, plus have a tasting session lead by the farm team.

Coming over the next few weeks we’ve got details on themes including,  “Automotive Splendour” and “Highland Lords & Ladies”!

Let us know what you think!

The Hello Team