No it’s not the age-old wedding rhyme I’m talking about (mind you with my wedding crazy staff it wouldn’t be a surprise!), instead I’m talking about connecting Scotland’s rich heritage with modern innovation and invention…

A few weeks ago a program I created came into realization in St Andrews – for those who work in conceptual incentives and events, you’ll know what a good feeling it is to see all your months (sometimes years!) of planning coming together.

But before I tell you about the program, I want to explain the thought process behind the creation of the program….

Scotland has a long-standing history of mystery, passion, tradition and culture. Our Castles, Kilts, Highland Games and infamous characters like William Wallace and Rob Roy have given us strong bonds with our ancestral history.

At the same time, Scotland has always been home to innovative individuals who’ve strived to invent and create masterpieces that we all rely on in our lives today.

Some examples include….

James Watt – Steam Engine Charles MacIntosh – the Mac Raincoat John Boyd Dunlop – Modern Tyre Alexander Fleming – Penicillin Alexander Graham Bell – Telephone John Logie Baird – Television

And this is only a handful of the most famous!!

For this particular program, I wanted to marry the tradition and culture of Scottish heritage with something innovative, or that at involved innovation from the participants.

The incentive program was based in St Andrews – the spiritual home of golf, and another intricate part of Scottish heritage and culture.

So how do you use golf to combine the heritage of Scotland with innovative thinking and creative participation from an incentive group…the answer…Kinetic Golf!

The aim of Kinetic Golf is for teams to compete in a challenge of innovation, hands-on creativity and conceptual thinking.

Teams are given a limited supply of materials that include wood, pots, pipes fabric and tape, and they must use these materials, alone with ‘human mechanics’ to get a golf ball across the longest distance possible, starting with a put from a golf club, without it touching the ground or having any human contact along the way!

It required teams to work together, brainstorm, make things and compete… and believe me, they really went for it! 

I’ll have images and hopefully a video soon, but for now, here’s a quick comment from our client…

"We had about 60 people take part in Kinetic Golf, after a day out and about in St Andrews I thought people would be too exhausted to think. However, the vibe, imagination and creativity in the room was remarkable. There were roars of laughter through out the day and total silence when it was time to present. It was a great fun activity and I would have no hesitation in using the concept again."