Kate shares the stories from her final day in the Scottish Highlands with Visit Scotland.

DAY 3   

Wednesday morning was as busy as the whole Tuesday. Quick breakfast in the hotel´s restaurant and super speedy check-out at half past eight. We left Inverness and drove to the Aldourie Castle and Estate on the shores of Loch Ness.

Aldourie Castle

Aldourie, set in 500 acres of green nature, looks like it's cut out from a fairy-tale with its beige walls, red roof and tens of little turrets. The red bedroom in one of the towers was certainly designed for a king. All of the bathrooms and sleeping rooms have been individually designed. It must be amazing to hire the castle exclusively to just relax in the luxurious drawing room or to take a walk around the massive estate.

Having seen the castle, we split into two smaller groups to experience two extra-ordinary activities. Our group walked to the shore of Loch Ness to learn how to walk on water! We were put into a big transparent waterproof balloon and sent in to the water of Loch Ness to meet our destiny. Once we were on the loch we were supposed to walk in the balloon, but it was almost impossible to stand up! Have you ever tried to walk on jelly? Well, that ś how it felt like. It was hilarious watching everyone trying to stand up only to fall down again. Only a few of us were able to actually walk within the ball (I wasn´t the lucky one), even if just for one second – I admire their balance!

Walking on Water

Out of breath and exhausted from all the laughing we then went for an adrenaline RIB (rigid inflatable boat) cruise on the Loch. The super-speedy boats were basically flying over water and cutting through wind. It was refreshing and crazy at the same time. Our cruise was only thirty minutes long but it was simply fabulous.

Rib Boat on Loch Ness

I would love to come back to Inverness one day and experience the whole three-hours-long trip to the Urquhart Castle and maybe see the monster Nessie as I had no luck this time!

Having mad hair and bright smile on our faces, we went back on the coach that took us to Inverness again. The next scheduled show-round was in a luxury boutique hotel named Rocpool Reserve. We then had a unique business lunch in the hotel´s Chez Roux restaurant.

The Chez Roux offers light low-priced but delicious four-course meals. The uniqueness lies in the idea of serving all courses at once – it saves time and you can choose what you want to eat first. Perfect!

Chez Roux at the Rockpool Hotel

We were reminded straight after lunch that our trip was coming to an end. The coach took us to Hilton Coylumbridge in Aviemore, a resort town approximately fourty minutes away from Inverness, where we met the Hilton´s manager for a quick tour around the hotel and its facilities. I really liked the outdoor adventure play area – I guess I still had a lot of adrenaline from the exciting morning activites in my blood.

And then suddenly it was time to go home. We left Aviemore by train and headed for Glasgow.

The last three days were absolutely great. I am glad that  had the opportunity to explore the Northern Highlands with such a fantastic and friendly bunch of people. I would certainly recommend Inverness for incentive groups. It is so different from Glasgow and Edinburgh! The grass is greener, sea air fresher and even the people´s attitude is more relaxed but still very professional. If your client is looking for a unique luxury true Scottish flair that only a few people had a chance to experience, then Northern Highlands is the best place to take them!