If you’re a travel professional who is constantly working to tight deadline set by your clients, then you need save time wherever possible! This checklist is the ideal way to gather information from your clients, to save you time when working with your partner DMC…

A Checklist of What You Need to Get From Your Client:

When you’re pitching corporate travel to your client, their can be a lot of back and forth as the details of the program are communicated, and as both you, your client and the DMC ask questions about the proposed program.

The best way to eliminate a large proportion of emails and calls is to ensure that you have all the information you need up front, so that when you come to work on your offer, you have everything you need to pull it together.

If you’ve had a proposal from Hello Scotland you’ll probably have seen our email where we ask you to answer a series of questions that help us create the best possible quote for your group.

Why not create your own checklist that includes many of the questions Hello, or any other DMC will ask? Plus add in the ones you need too!

Here’s our suggested time saving checklist questions - click the image to view full size.

Destination Travel Planning Checklist

I hope this helps you save time during the preparation and presentation stages of your destination proposals – it has certainly helped our team at Hello Scotland!