Allow your group to get in the true spirit of Scotland by treating them to a selection of great traditional Scottish entertainment. Here’s my favourite selection of Scottish entertainment that I know visiting corporate and incentive groups will love!

Piper Parade

 Piper Parade

Add a sense of occasion to the evening and have a lone piper, or a piper and drummer lead your guests through the streets of Edinburgh or Glasgow, to their gala dinner evening!

Clarsach Player

clarsach player

The Clarsach is a Scottish or Celtic harp who’s exact date of first existing is unknown, however the oldest clarsachs around today are dated to the 15th Century and are thought to have been made in Argyll (south-west Scotland).

A clarsach produces a delectable and soft sound that is perfect for a relaxed drinks reception before dinner.

Highland Sword Dancers

 Scottish Sword Dancers


Scottish sword dancing is a ritualistic and combative dance that imitates epic deeds and martial arts skills – familiar features of Scottish tradition and folklore.

A Highland Sword Dancing display is a great way to entertain guests in between dinner courses.

Scottish Folk Duo/Trio

Let your guests enjoy some toe-tapping Scottish music with a Scottish Folk Duo/Trio of a fiddle, guitar and perhaps an accordian. It’s great for a lively drinks reception, or an intimate after dinner party!

Ceilidh Band

Give your guests a great night by putting on a traditional Scottish Ceilidh dance!

Musicians will play an assortment of instruments including fiddle, flute, tin whistle, accordian, bodhran and drums.

The music is very cheerful and lively, and a ‘caller’ will provide instructions on the steps of each dance before the group enjoy the fun and laughter of the real thing!

See a selection of Ceilidh bands and Ceilidh dancing on you tube:

Beat Retreat


A Beat Retreat is a military ceremony dating back to the 16th century and was originally used in order to recall nearby patrolling units to their castle.

Loud enough to shake your bones and a visceral symbol of war, beating the retreat symbolised safety – whether retuning home from the field or returning from battle.

Today, you will see a Beat Retreat for all kinds of important events in Scotland and all over the world…a really magnificent experience for your exclusive Gala Event. In fact, you won’t find a more mighty or forceful display anywhere else in the world.

Folk Singer

A stunning addition to any party, Hello Scotland’s favourite folk singer Catherine, has an incredible and powerful voice will “blow your guests away.

She has sung on the Oscar winning film “Elizabeth” starring Cate Blanchett and “The Twin Towers” and has worked alongside world famous Scottish composer Craig Armstrong.

Check out her myspace page to hear her singing and you can even download her songs!:

Clansmen / Highlanders / Characters

Scottish characters are a fantastic way to bring the history and culture of Scotland to life in a fun, exhilarating and unexpected way.

There’s so many ways in which you can invite great Scottish characters into your incentive of corporate event, just take a look at some of these characters…

Harley Highlanders

Clan McGreon


Highlander as Marilyn

Have a great Easter break everyone!


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