Scotland spirit, emotion, landscapes and shear variety of activities makes it an amazing country for corporate groups to visit. That's easy for me to say....I live and breath Scotland! If you're thinking about Scotland as a business destination, here's Hello's top 10 reasons to visit Scotland for a corporate event, incentive, product launch or business meeting.

Ok, so at Hello we're all a bit biased, but after reading our top 10 reasons to visit Scotland, we’re sure you’ll agree its a small country with a lot to offer incentive groups and corporate event organisers! Here's our Top 10 Reason:

1. The only place where gents can wear skirts & still feel like men!

Scotland is famous for our national dress and kilted men. When your corporate or incentive group visits Scotland and participate in one of Bill’s highly secret ‘Gentleman’s Meetings’ you’ll never forget your ‘kilt-wearing’ experience!

2. Whisky

Scotland is famous for its whisky exports and with the help of longstanding distilleries and skilled whisky experts we can help your corporate group experience whisky in typical environments, or in more unusual and exciting ways.

3. Golf

Arguably the true home of golf as we know it today, Scotland is home to some of the world's best and most famous golf courses. Even if you’re not a golfer who’s going to have the ‘round’ of your life, having a ‘wee dram’ at the club house at the Old Course is enough to give your delegates a taste of what this sport means to Scotland.

4. The Highlands

The dramatic scenery of the Scottish Highlands is unlike anything else. From rugged mountains to picturesque lochs, heather covered hills, and misty moors, the Highlands offer intense romanticism and emotion to anyone who visits.

Auchnafree Estate
Auchnafree Estate

5. The Weather

Scotland’s not renowned for it’s good weather, but here’s some average rainfall figures (inches per year) that beg to differ...

Hong Kong: 87 Bergen: 81.7 Miami: 60 Tokyo: 60 Sao Paulo: 55 Atlanta: 50 New York City: 47.2 Zurich: 42.5 Seattle: 40 Milan: 39 Dallas: 37 Amsterdam: 31 Toronto: 30 London: 29 Edinburgh: only 26!

6. The Mystery of Haggis

Haggis is well known as Scotland’s national dish, but its still shrouded in a cloud of mystery. Is it an animal? What’s it made of?

At Hello Scotland, we bring the experience of haggis to life through a ceremonious ‘Address to the Haggis’, traditional at dinner, but it’s not unknown for us to take guests to special locations, like a Castle ruin at twilight, or to involve group VIPs in the poetic proceedings!

7. Sir Sean Connery

At certain times of the year, for example during the Edinburgh Film Festival, there’s a strong possibility that you could come face-to-face with this legend, walking down the Royal Mile or sitting opposite you at breakfast in your hotel! Where else, apart from the USA will you have the chance to come so close to such a superstar?

8. Sleeping with Braveheart…

The 1995 film made Braveheart the dream of ladies around the world. Well ladies, when you visit Scotland with Hello, we can make your dreams come true! Not only can we transform your other half into a hunky kilt-adorned man, imagine what it would be like setting up camp with real rugged highlanders, deep in the Scottish countryside, sleeping in traditional tents and getting cosy with sheepskin blankets?

highlanders lying down
highlanders lying down

9. Hunting / Shooting / Fishing

Scotland is internationally renowned for its fantastic game and hunting sports that are available at various times throughout the year. Your group can enjoy deer stalking, salmon fishing and grouse shooting in dramatic landscape settings.

And Finally...

10. Scotland’s Emotional Character

It’s easy to pick a destination that’s on the beach where your group can enjoy some sunshine, but are you really offering them a trip that evokes the emotional requirements of the purpose of an incentive trip?

Each of the nine points above are part of the ‘Scotland Experience’, and when combined with the characters you’ll meet and the emotions you’ll feel from the people and the aura of the landscape, they cumulate in the real essence of a true incentive experience, leaving you on an emotional high with treasured long-lasting memory.

Until the next time,

Warm wishes,