The recent US trend for 'give back incentive programs' hasn’t quite grasped the UK market yet, but we think it’s on it’s way…so lets discuss how ‘give backs’ can be realized in Scotland.

What are ‘give backs?

Give Back programs are elements of an incentive of corporate event where the participants are given the opportunity to literally give back to the community in which their incentive is taking place. You can easily see the links between this and sustainable tourism, but it’s not just about choosing a sustainable destination, it’s about interacting with it too.


For Example…

A couple of examples from the US include things like a pub quiz, with the points scored by all teams being turned into dollars on phone cards, which are then sent to serving US soldiers around the world to allow them to call home.

Or, a competition to create a brand new team game, where the winning game is selected and the incentive participants then teach the game to a local school, providing them with the equipment to continue playing the new game!


Why choose a give back as part of your incentive program?

An incentive is a perfect opportunity to get employees together to give something back. It will unite the team for one common cause that’s not profit driven for the company, or self-driven for achievement, but a selfless act for others. This creates an immediate bond, strengthening relationships and improving the ‘caring and responsible’ corporate image.

Plus, they can be a lot of fun!


How can this be realized in Scotland?

Scotland is already a fantastically sustainable destination and can offer ideal sustainable incentives for organizations’ who have an environmental policy to adhere to (check out Going Green with Hello to see our, and our suppliers, commitment to green tourism and sustainability)

This means there is a natural platform for progression into interactive and engaging ‘give back’ activities. In a recent survey Hello Scotland, we discovered that lots of hotels, venues, activity providers and transport providers across Scotland already do a massive amount of own giving back to their own communities through a host of charitable, sustainable operations and green activities.

The connection to nature, landscapes and Scotland’s environment means the obvious choice would be to give back to the land, through activities like carbon neutral tree planting, conservation etc. It can be great to get down and dirty with nature, but what we also need to remember is that this incentive is a reward! Most probably for well-travelled individuals who are looking forward to a fun-filled luxury stay!

But don’t worry, give backs can also be sophisticated! You can easily integrate them into your existing program, for example doing a challenge or activity for your own nominated corporate charity.


What Give Backs have your groups done before?

If you’ve had a group participate in a give back program, or if you’re interested in creating one for a Scotland incentive, please drop us a comment in the box below!

Have a great weekend folks!