I’ve just finished a long running product launch in the Scottish wilderness and thought I’d share with you my secret to a successful product launch…

When you’re organizing a product launch abroad, many planners focus heavily on the venue, décor, food, logistics etc. These are of course vitally important elements of the launch that must be in tune with the brand and the product but what many miss is the opportunity to look at the bigger picture…

It’s the entire experience that will have an impact on the overall attitude towards your product, from the moment they step of the plane to the moment they return home.

Your product might be amazing, but if the pre & post launch travel, transfers, service and activities are disappointing, you’ll leave the participants with a bad taste instead of the wonderful experience you anticipated and planned.

The answer to this is to make sure you choose a local ground service providers, like a DMC, who can assist with a seamless launch program.


So what’s the secret to the best product launch?

With the help of a local DMC you’ve got a great program in place, but there’s still another level that you can take your launch to, one that will make it exceptional.

By creating a relationship between your brand / product and the culture, heritage or landscapes of the launch destination you can create a emotionally connected and complete 'experience' for guests to become immersed in the essence your product.

If you can conjure up this connection between the product and the environment, the outcome creates an emotional attachment and special magic moments for participants to take away and fondly remember.

By intertwining the location with the brand, you create something intangible that leaves a truly long lasting, and more importantly positive memory about the launch of your product.

If you can create this atmosphere through a creative and emotive concept, and combine it with the seamless organisation of the launch, you’ve just unlocked the key to a successful product launch abroad!



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