Discover why STGA Blue Badge guides are an essential part of your program if you require tour guides, hospitality, airport welcomes or any type of guiding services for your corporate business trip, sales incentive or corporate event happening in Scotland.


‘STGA accredited guides are passionate ambassadors for Scotland and in providing our visitors with information & inspiration, help deliver a memorable experience for them.’ Ben Carter, Head of Strategic Relations, VS


What is a STGA Blue Badge Guide & what makes them different?

An STGA Blue Badge Guide is like the Rolls Royce of the guiding world!

They are passionate, articulate and interesting individuals who have been trained to the highest standards (university level!) in guiding around Scotland. Through this processs they have been educated, trained and examined on foot, on site, on coaches and in writing.

Then, even after qualification, they must continue with Continued Profession Development (CPD) to retain the high standing status and to keep up to date with the ever changing tourism landscape in Scotland.

With such a vigorous training process it’s no wonder that in order to be consider for the training they must first display a real depth of interest in Scotland, and either a foreign language, relevant work experience or a out-door activity qualification.


Why do Hello Scotland only use Blue Badge Guides?

At Hello we always recommend that groups use these locally trained guides for evening and day hire throughout their trip.

They really do bring a sense of prestige to your event, whilst offering first class local knowledge, excellent communication and high standards of service…if we could grade them like hotels…they’d be 5*!


What does this mean for your group’s trip to Scotland?

By choosing a Blue Badge, you’re guaranteed a professional and polite service, knowledgeable guiding, interesting & humorous stories and an individual who can answer questions in your group’s native language...they truly leave a lasting impression on your delegates, guests or clients!

At Hello these things are an integral part of the service we offer and are a strong recommendation for each of our groups for things such as a hospitality desk, airport welcome and of course for guiding your social program.


How can I ensure I’m getting a Blue Badge Guide?

If your Scottish DMC is offering a guiding service, or indeed if you request one, simply ensure you ask them for an STGA Blue Badge!


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