‘Life is not about the number of breaths you take, it’s the moments that take your breath away that really matter’. This quote is from a mug that I bought from one of my favourite places in Scotland – Arisaig – and every time I read it, it’s a fresh reminder of what life’s all about, and what Hello Scotland strives to achieve with every incentive, product launch or event we create.  Here’s some of my own magic moments and the inspiration behind our new ‘magic moments’ concept…

What is a ‘magic moment’?

I see magic moments as those special moments in time where you experience positive emotions like hilarity, that 'fuzzy warm feeling' and things that make you feel exhilarated. These feelings are etched in your memory forever as you remember the people, place and things you experienced.

Some of my magic moments…

For me, magic moments tend to happen when I strike up a relationship with a client, for example on site inspection, or when I see how a group react to an incentive program or surprise activity we’ve put together for them.

I’ve got lots of silly memories that in hindsight were moments that struck a common cord between myself and a client – usually one of hilarity!

For example, for those who know me, you’ll be sure to have seen me in my kilt and animal sporrans. Well on a particularly busy day I managed to leave the house without my sporran…not the end of the world you would think.....and neither did I….!

Myself and my client started our journey around Scotland to view all the aspects of the proposed program, but as I drove, the wind kept catching my kilt and as there was no sporran holding it in place so I had trouble controlling it and driving at the same time!! As you can imagine my client thought this was hilarious! In the end I had to stop, take off a shoe and place it where my sporran should have been to save my dignity!!

Even more recently on another site inspection I met with my client and their end corporate client. Having picked them up at the airport that morning, it got to the afternoon and we were a bit pushed for time, so picked up some snacks to eat on the move. Pineapple chunks were perhaps not the best choice when I was driving, but in the end, the corporate client ended up feeding them to me as I drove!

The three of us where in fits of giggles – my poor client in the back of the car simply wondering what was going on…here she was in the back of my car in Scotland, watching as her client fed me pineapple! It’s a silly story, but something I will always remember and I truly think it helped to solidify our tripartite relationship.

From an incentive program point of view there have been many many memorable moments, like our language guide doing a rendition of ‘Harry Met Sally’ in the middle of a posh Edinburgh restaurant, much to the thrill of our Swedish clients! Or, taking a group to meet the world’s only full time Loch Ness Monster Hunter and Scottish ‘Indiana Jones’ style characters who would help them find the monster!

The inspiration behind Hello’s ‘magic moments’

Many magic moments like much of which I described above are impromptu acts that happen unexpectedly, in the rush of the moment. Yet what if you could channel the emotions, fun and memories of these impromptu moments into something which we can offer you, to offer your group/clients?

Our philosophy at Hello has always been to not only offer you the fundamental default services of a DMC, like hotel bookings, transfers and a program, but we always try to take it a step further to add intangible elements that offer 'red thread'  experiences.

Individuals are increasingly world travelled, both in their personal lives and in terms of incentive travel. They’ve been wowed with 5* service, style, experiences and hotels, so it’s not always easy to impress with luxury.

That’s why we try to impress with feeling and emotion; this is where 'Bill's magic moments’ concept was born from!

What is a 'magic moment’?

Magic Moments are additions to your program that will enhance the emotional elements of your program to impress and thrill well-travelled incentive groups. We've tried and tested all of the Magic Moments so that we know the emotional involvement of each, and the great ROI they yield.

Speaking of which, 'what about budgets? How much does it cost?' I hear you ask?!

We always do our very best to offer clients the best value for money for their available budget and in fact, some of our magic moments will cost nothing at all, only the willing participation of a CEO!

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my magic moments for your next proposal!

Warmest wishes, Bill