It’s fair to say that the team has had the pleasure of dining in some of Scotland’s finest gala dinner venues and today they’re sharing their personal favourites, from grand castles to spit roast BBQ’s and everything in between…..

Your gala dinner is a pinnacle moment in any corporate incentive or business event, especially if, for example it encompasses an award ceremony or the grand finale of the trip.

That makes your gala dinner venue choice one of the most important decisions of your incentive!

From their experience and personal tastes, the team share their best ‘Scottish Gala Dinner Venues’ below….

Kirsty’s Favourite Gala Dinner Venue: Winton House

"I love the real home from home feeling that the clients experience here.  They can really roam around the house as if it is theirs for the evening.  The event managers are fantastic…very attentive and always willing to adapt and accept requirements from the client – no matter how strange they may be!"

Claire’s Favourite Gala Dinner Venue: Hopetoun House

"Hopetoun House– the drama, the quality of service, the exclusivity and the looks on guests faces as they come up the drive to be met by its grandeur and poise, often with a setting sun shimmering through the iron of the forth bridges in the rear view mirror.  Stunning!"

Elaine’s Favourite Gala Dinner Venue: Stirling Castle

"Stirling Castle offers the ultimate wow factor, from the stroll up to the Chapel Royal for a drinks reception, to the grandeur and drama of the Great Hall – a perfect way to end an incentive on a high!"

Sarah’s Favourite Gala Dinner Venue: Mavis Hall

"The perfect location for a casual party evening. Rustic setting, bonfire in the courtyard, spit roast pig BBQ and traditional dancing to finish!"

Lisa’s Favourite Gala Dinner Venue: St Andrew’s in the Square

"Tucked away in Glasgow’s Merchant City, St Andrews in the Square is a great venue for a gala dinner, especially if you want to do lots of dancing! This beautifully restored 18th Century church is an unusual venue with delicious food and great service!"

Up next, the team reveal their most memorable moments from all of their experiences with incentive travel groups in Scotland – some picture perfect moments, some big surprises and some very exciting moments to come!


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