On Wednesday you read about our 'Scotland Experts' favourite hotels for corporate / business groups, now find out their favourite incentive activities for groups - tried, tested and loved by the team!

At Hello Scotland we ensure the project team have experience as many of the incentive activities as possible, so when it comes to choosing the right ones for your group, they know exactly what will work! Everyone has their own favourites depending on their personal experiences and tastes.

Below they share their thoughts on some of the most memorable Scottish incentive activities for corporate groups.

Kirsty's Favourite Incentive Experience: Falconry Hunt at Auchnafree

"The last time I was at Auchnafree, under the training of the expert falconer, the immaculately trained hounds and two peregrine falcons were able to catch 4 or 5 grouse on the estate. The skills involved in training these animals to work together is inspiring to watch! After the hunt, the group returned to the estate lodge for the most fantastic spit roast dinner - a fantastic day! (Check out the photo of one of their beautiful pups!!)"

Claire's Favourite Incentive Experience: A Beat Retreat

"The bigger the better! This is entertainment steeped in Scottish history - and whether you are Scottish or not, you feel a real allegiance with Scotland with the emotion and impact  a bellowing 12 piece band creates! The video below is great, but it only gives you a snippet of the atmosphere - to get the full impact you need to experience the real thing!"

Elaine's Favourite Incentive Experience: Hat Making

"It's always great to see the Ladies having fun and embracing their childish side by dressing up in the wonderful millinery creations! I've even seen the fun trying on session turned into a full activity where the ladies got to make their own hats and then take a trip to the races! Check out the video below!"

Sarah's Favourite Incentive Experience: Falcony

"I love animals and it's a great chance to learn more about Scotland's wildlife that you normally wouldn't see on such a close up and personal level. Below is some video footage of an interactive falconry session - a real hand's on experience with the birds!"

Lisa's Favourite Incentive Experience

"It's a bit of a classic, but I think nothing beats a good old Highland Games! You get everyone rallied together for some healthy competition to compete in fun (and ridiculous!) games; all whilst enjoying the great Scottish outdoors!"

Coming up next week are the team's favourite gala dinner venues! Have any suggestions of your own? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think!