We’re thrilled to welcome expert travel and incentive blogger Anne Thornley-Brown to share her thoughts, advice and musing with us! Read on to find out more about Anne and what she’ll offer you, the readers, in 2011…

Anne Thornley-Brown
Anne Thornley-Brown

Anne Thornley-Brown is the President and founder of Executive Oasis International – a Toronto based organisation specialising in executive retracts, business team building simulations, incentive travel and upscale corporate event planning.

Anne has been well and truly bitten by the incentive travel bug which sees her travelling across Canada, Jamaica, the Middle East (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman), Egypt and Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Japan) with a wide variety of clients.

I stumbled across Anne’s own blog (http://executiveoasis.wordpress.com) when I read a guest post called ‘Site Inspections – boondoggle or boon?’, and Anne’s comments in reply to the post.

Both the post and the comments raised many excellent points that clients don’t always think about when planning incentives and business trips, yet these are things that DMC’s and travel planners should be addressing to their clients.

I highly recommend reading the post!

Over the next while Anne will be sharing her thoughts on ‘How to Request a Proposal’ and 'Re-engineering Incentive Travel'.

So…welcome Anne, we look forward to hearing from you!