The 10th November was WTM World Responsible Tourism Day and we’d like to share with you how the clients and suppliers or Hello Scotland are raising awareness for responsible and sustainable tourism around the globe. Check out the photos in the post!

A big thank you to everyone who sent in their ‘Green Team Fun’ images over the last few weeks. It’s great to see that the tourism and travel industry is getting together and being active in being responsible and sustainable tourism.

On WTM World Responsible Tourism Day we also launched the long-awaited Going Green with Hello Accreditation system.

The accreditation is based on the environmental and green policies of our suppliers and has an aim to help and share ‘eco practices’ within the Scottish tourism industry.

It means our clients can match their incentive travel with hotels, venues and activities that match their own green policies, and as an industry we can work together for more sustainable and responsible tourism.

I'm writing my next blog's about sustainable and responsible tourism -Behind the Scenes in the Hospitality Industry - look out for it soon!