I’m just about to finish a marathon run of great site inspections for 2011 incentives and events, but I thought I’d take a quick time out of the site inspection schedule to tell you why I think they’re so important….

It’s the time of year when 2010 business is winding down and the focus has turned to 2011 events. There’s been an explosion of site inspections as agency’s and clients are keen to tie down the best fitting and best value programs for their corporate events and incentives groups.

Site inspections are an invaluable element in achieving project success, plus they’re great fun! For me there’s nothing better than the buzz of pulling together a great incentive program with everyone involved working together.

Site inspections are the best platform for forming strong bonds between us - the DMC, our client – the agency, and their client – the corporate. If the DMC manages the relationships correctly, they makes the agency look great for their end corporate client – making everyone happy.

Yet having all parties together can have its challenges. Thinking on your feet for new venues, hotels and activities can be a lot of pressure, but if you’re an experienced project manager with knowledge and passion about your destination, you’ll relish the challenge!


The pieces if the site inspection puzzle…

I always think of a site inspection as the best way to put the pieces of the incentive jigsaw together. The outline of the jigsaw is already there in the structure of the program, but there are always interchangeable pieces, for example different hotels or gala dinner choices.

On site inspection the clients gets to personally choose the best fit for their ‘incentive picture’, which could be their existing selection, or completely new alternatives depending on their taste, the budget, localities and logistics.


Building the bigger picture…


One of the most effective parts of a site inspection isn’t actually visiting venues or trying activities, yet this is still a fundamental part. For me, the most worthwhile part of site inspections is the additional time you get to spend with the agency and end client, for example in the evening and travelling between locations.

This is the best opportunity you have to discuss, brainstorm, and really get a feel for the culture & vision of the client organization and what they want to achieve from their incentive program, something you simply can’t get from email or phone discussions, no matter how much you try!