The term ‘concentive’ seems to be popping up more and more in the travel media and is creeping it’s way into a lot of 2011 business.  Elaine investigates the pros and cons of combining an incentive trip with a conference or business meeting.


Save Money

You’re doing one trip/holding one event instead of two, meaning a host of cost savings helping squeeze as much out of your budget as possible!

Less Travel

Your employees will be be doing one return journey instead of two, again saving money, but also cutting the carbon emissions of your incentive/conference – perfect if you’re aiming to be a greener organisation and to work towards your CSR objectives.

Capture Employees Creativity at its Highest

Employees are most inspired and motivated during an enjoyable and memorable incentive program, why not tap into this and hold a meeting / conference to get the best of their creativity and innovative ideas?

Improve Your Corporate Reputation

Shake off the negative public perceptions of corporate events and put a positive PR spin on yours by communicating the cut in spending and the CSR element!


Could Disappoint Employees

There is a slight risk that employees/delegates view it as a ‘cheap’ alternative and that they are not getting a true incentive experience because there is a business element.

The Pressure Planning

You need to find a destination and venues that are suitable for an incentive and that are conducive to business meetings. Instead of organising two separate events, you’re planning one big one – meaning more elements and suppliers to co-ordinate. That’s why you’ll need a good DMC!