As the impact of the recession affected worldwide economies, so to did it effect our client’s business and their regional targets. Here’s what happened…

You might remember that in some of my previous blog entries I mentioned that the client has a unique family-orientated nature and an ‘all for one, one for all’ attitude.

After an unexpected tough end to 2008, it was disappointing that the perseverance and  hard work from the retail regions didn’t allow them to make their targets for the year. This had a knock on effect on the overall company targets, leading to their plans for an incentive trip to Scotland being put on hold.

This was disheartening news for all the employees…and for us! Having created the concept from scratch, I’d grown extremely close to it and was thoroughly excited about its realisation.

However, there was light at the end of the tunnel, because although there would be no incentive trip in 2009, Scotland would be reconsidered for a 2010 incentive…if company targets were met.

2009 was another tough year, but the retail regions worked hard and we crossed our fingers for a better 2009!

In late 2009 Scotland was once again chosen as the incentive destination. Then in January 2010, the great news came that the company had met its targets and would be travelling to Scotland that September!

The last 6 months have been all-systems-go to refine the program. Thanks to a great relationship with our suppliers, e.g. hotels and venues, were we able to keep most prices the same, despite standard year on year increases.

So…it’s been a long time in the planning….but now ‘Taking of the Hill’ is finally here!



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