A normal site inspection takes the course of visits to hotels and venues, perhaps tastings and an overview of other elements, like logistics and entertainment. I wanted to wow the client when they arrived in Scotland, so took a slightly different - and a little be risky - approach to this site inspection!

Upon arriving in Scotland, the clients were completely unaware of the concept John and I had put together for them. It was great! We had free rein to tailor the site inspection to what would suit the incentive brief precisely.

After presenting the ‘Taking of the Hill’ concept, complete with an image of the CEO dressed as a highland warrior and visuals to explain the concept, we took them to the actual battle site to get a real feeling and a connection with how the concept could look for their company.

At the top of the battle hill, amongst flaming torches, they were met by our shouting ‘crazy clansman’, who would later turnout to be the surviving Scottish link of the company’s ‘McGroen’ clan.

Although the underlying tone of the event was quite serious in that it aimed to unite the teams and motivate them to work together for a prosperous future, I always believe that incentives should have an element of fun! It’s the one emotion that always leaves you feeling good :)

So to show the client just how much fun their employees would have, we dressed the CEO up in an highlander outfit – like a true clansman!

This was a risky move, after all he is the CEO of a national company, however it was well worth the risk – because they loved it!

The interactivity of the site inspection and the visual elements really brought the program to life. It allows us to show the client how we’d interpreted their brief and how fun Scottish heritage was the perfect backdrop for their incentive group.

A final thought

I always try to encourage clients to book a site inspection because it can be a win win situation for both clients and DMCs. Both parties get the chance to form relationships, trust and understanding.

It’s the perfect platform to facilitate the management of expectations; client expectations of the DMC and the destination; and the DMC's expectations of the client brief and requirements.

Until next week...


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