Myself and John came together in Oslo to create a new and exclusive corporate incentive concept for this incentive trip to Scotland. Find out the two key characteristics of the client company that lead us to the creation of the 'Taking of the Hill'.

You might remember an old blog post I wrote about the secrets to creative brainstorming?

In this post I talked about a brainstorming session I had with a good friend, to inject some new life into the more mundane parts of an incentive, e.g. check in and transfers. Well this good friend was actually John from Adrenalin –  our client agency for the ‘Taking of the Hill’ incentive trip.

Having brainstormed with John many times before this incentive, I was looking forward to our two creative minds coming together! We choose to brainstorm in Oslo, close to the client’s environment and where Adrenalin are based. Then we got down to the nitty gritty.

Two strong traits

From the very outset both John and I were struck by two traits of the client company that were strongly identified in their incentive brief, firstly their team orientation and secondly their hunger for a successful future.

There is a real sense of ‘family’ about the client company, even though they have branches spread throughout Norway and the incentive would host over 230 employees. Much to my surprise, the CEO seemed to know each and every employee by name too!

In order for the incentive to be realized, each region had to meet their individual targets, which were then grouped together to form targets for the entire organization. The collective targets of the organization must be met in order for the incentive to go ahead – giving a real sense of ‘we’re in this togetherteam spirit.

You can see how a family / team orientated company like this has a strong association with the ancient Scottish clansmen and their close 'clansman-ship', so the birth of the new concept started here.

After identifying the relationship between the company and ancient Scotland, we considered how the organization craves success, especially after a surprisingly tough year. The management wanted to inspire and unite the team to work together through hard times, towards a future of 'growth and prosperity'.

Linking the traits

It was important that both elements were included in the incentive, so we focused our creative efforts on a way to entwine ‘team togetherness’ with onward and upward’, into a symbolic activity.

Although these were the two founding principles of the ‘Taking of the Hill' concept, it’s worth remembering that in an incentive is not just motivational for the future, it should have fun, laughter and emotion to make it an experience to remember!


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